Everyone has had experiences of being sad sometimes in life. These are common feelings that are part of life. However, not everyone who is sad can be diagnosed with depression and need to receive counseling.

Depression is a serious mental illness. People with depression feel the sad and gloomy feeling much more intensely, for longer periods of time.

Here are a few Signs of Depression:

  • Feeling downhearted or sad for over 2 weeks at one time;
  • Irregular sleep patterns or insomnia;
  • Poor appetite or over eating;
  • Continued feeling of hopelessness;
  • Being easily irritable and easily angered;
  • Increase in alcohol consumption;
  • Lack of enjoyment in things that you used to enjoy;
  • Not able be enthusiastic or looking forward to doing things;
  • Not being able to wind down or stop negative thoughts;
  • Not feeling like looking after yourself, like showering on a regular basis, and other types of personal hygiene (e.g. shaving, shaping your eye brows, basically anything you used to do in the past);
  • Doing things that you know can harm you or have long term negative consequences for your health and well being;

What can you do about it?

If you are experiencing these signs, you can start by making a few simple changes in your everyday life, while your are seeking assistance from your GP.

A few simple changes that you can do:

  • See counseling from registered psychologist/counselor
  • Modify your tasks at home and at work, so that you can complete them easily and successfully;
  • Get involved in your community; helping others can have incredible healing effects;
  • Surround yourself with people that care about you;
  • Make yourself do things you know is important to do, even if you don’t feel like it, like showering, eating healthy foods;
  • Starting the day on a happy note, like putting on uplifting music, saying a prayer, reading books from inspiration authors;
  • Doing one thing that you’ve put off doing every day such as calling a long lost friend,