Online and Telephone Sessions

Online & Telephone Psychology Sessions

Doing some casual surfingWhat is it? It is an excellent way to obtain the quality psychology sessions with:

Convenience: Receiving professional counseling at the comfort of your own home.
Flexibility: You can engage with your clinician via Skype or telephone call or at other times you may be able to see them in person.

Why is online & telephone counseling important?

  • Sessions are delivered in the comfort & privacy of your own residence
  • Ideal for those in remote locations
  • Ideal for those experiencing limited mobility
  • Easy payment system

Who can benefit?

  • People that cannot access counseling due to distance and time constraints;
  • People with reduced mobility due to various physical health related conditions;
  • Those that are time poor
  • All who need to be seen in a relatively short period of time and are on a wait list to see their regular clinician!

How does it work?